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Barry Crutchfield
Co-founder Pixmarx LLC
Austin, Texas

     Since 2008 I have designed a total of 10 mobile apps. After graduating from The University of Texas at Austin, I embarked on a career in retail way back in 1991. For five years, I sold major appliances and electronics on commission and was a top performer in the company. I was promoted to a management role in 1997 and became a merchandising executive three years later.
     My passions include camping with his boys, exercising with my boot camp buddies, listening to live music with wife, and taking snap shots with my iPhone. As a matter of fact, I have taken so many photos of his children they now run away and scream when I raise his iPhone to snap a picture.

Gary Lipps
Co-founder Pixmarx LLC
Mandeville, Louisiana

     Since 2008 I have successfully designed and managed 10 smart phone app development projects with our engineering team. I have always had a passion for computers ever since the development of first Tandy desktop computer. After graduating from Northeast Louisiana University in 1978, I spent one year in retail sales.  I soon found a NASA Space Shuttle Contractor position with Lockheed Martin. Over 21 years, I received numerous NASA awards and promotions in which I eventually received a corporate IT position.  Also during this time, I received my MBA from Florida Institute of Technology, 1984.
     My personal passions include singing in church choir, helping senior friends and neighbors with technical assistance, and traveling with my family. Also, I like creating custom Christmas and holiday yard light shows ( which include moving carousel horses and RGB lights sequenced to music. 

Most Recent Press Release:
Pixmarx Receives Patent for its Landmark Smart Device Intellectual Property

Unique Application Customizes Photographs for Commercial or Private Use

Austin, TX., (10/26/2016) Pixmarx The Spot LLC, smartphone application provider, today announced that it has been issued patent #9477689 titled “Embedding Digital Content Within a Digital Photograph During Capture of the Digital Photograph”.  
The unique Geoframe technology (ViewMarx™) developed by Pixmarx uses smartphone GPS features to identify geographical images related to specific locations. These features are incorporated into a frame in the smartphone camera viewfinder screen to customize a photograph. The resulting picture then contains personalized scenes of local interest or commercial information.  
While there are other geographical based applications, the Pixmarx method is unique because the Geoframe is loaded into the active camera viewer, framing the picture before it is taken. Users have control over their selection of the customized frame and can reuse the selected Geoframe for multiple pictures. 
Given the popularity of geographical smartphone applications, the superior Pixmarx technology provides camera application developers and providers with monetization opportunities using private or commercial Geoframes for their customers, which number in the millions.
Pixmarx plans to offer an exclusive licensing agreement for its patented technology.  

For details and interest, contact:

Law Office of Rachel Crutchfield, PLLC
Highway 290 West, Suite 202
Austin, TX 78737

“Our unique technology gives smartphone users the ability to customize photographs in a new and exciting way,” said Gary Lipps, Chief Technical Officer (CTO) ‘We are excited to offer an exclusive licensing agreement for this new intellectual property.”

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Pixmarx The Spot LLC launched the Pixmarx application in the iTunes App Store in November 2013. Since that time, the Austin based company has been active in developing applications for smartphones. It recently received a patent for its smartphone digital photograph technology. For more information visit:
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