Pixmarx help page

Ⓒ 2015 Pixmarx the Spot L.L.C. Austin, Texas
Private frames can only be accessed via your private login. Ideal for sales professionals.

Public frames can be used by any Pixmarx app user for FREE!  Ideal for events and restaurants. 
The Pixmarx Mission:
To be the lowest cost, most effective 
social media branding tool for 
businesses of all sizes.

Download Pixmarx:
for iOS or Android
How does the Pixmarx app work?
Pixmarx the Spot finds frames based on your GPS location. For example, if you are at a the Texas State Capital, Pixmarx the Spot will display a frame with “Texas State Capital, Austin”.
You can also add seasonal frames and your own text with Pixmarx the Spot.

Does Pixmarx the Spot display the frame in the camera’s viewfinder?

Can I use existing photos with any Pixmarx frame?

What is the Pixmarx Cloud?
The Pixmarx Cloud is where each public frame is stored and accessed via Pixmarx the Spot. Each frame is associated with a GPS location (or address) so that it appears at the top of the list when the user is at a specific location.

Can a business or individual have a private Pixmarx frame?
Yes, each account has a unique user id and password. Pixmarx frames can be made private where they can only be accessed by a specific user id and password.

What are the Benefits?
Brand Recognition / Impressions. Most large businesses pay top dollar to have their brand on signs, vehicles and television because they know that brand impressions increase sales. By adding your brand to your social media photo posts you are creating brand impressions for pennies a day.

Word of Mouth Marketing - the absolute, most powerful form of marketing. When your customers post photos with your branded message, they are endorsing your business to all 300+ of their friends!
Pixmarx for iOS & Android is FREE for the user and offers 1,000's of frames for birthdays, holidays and more.  

Pixmarx for iOS & Android displays your logo on photo posts to social media.

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